Now You See Me 3 Release Date- 2017

Now You See Me 3 Movie

Now You See Me 3 is under development and very soon, its official release date will be revealed by Lionsgate Films

I bet you that none of you have forgotten 4 Horsemen of Now You See Me movie. On 3rd June 2013, Jon Feltheimer, CEO of Lionsgate, has revealed a great news related to the Now You See Me movie that Lionsgate is going to convert this movie into a trilogy and announced that Now You See Me 2 and Now You See Me 3 will be released very soon.
now you see me 3
There is another news from the side of Lionsgate that Now You See Me 3 is under development. So, after the release of Now You See Me: The Second Act, we do not have to wait more for the 3rd part.
After this news, craze and curiosity for the next parts of Now You See Me among audience has increased 10 times more.
Now You See Me is an action, crime, thriller, comedy and magical movie and so, the next parts will. I liked the first part of this movie, very much, because it has amazing and thrilling magical events.
This is the first time, when I see a thrilling and the celebrity life of any magicians. I liked each and every magical tricks, which were showed in this movie.

Storyline of Now You See Me

This movie starts with an adventurous, tricky and popular life of four Horsemen, J. Daniel Atlas/Danny (Jesse Eisenberg), Merritt McKinney (Woody Harrelson), Henley Reeves (Isla Fisher), and Jack Wilder (Dave Franco), who did many live performances and in these performances they used to rob big banks and stack holders, and they distribute that money to the audience, who has come to watch their performances.
They work like Robin Hood. Along with these, four Horsemen, there is an unknown benefactor, who helped them to come out from bad situations. This benefactor is Dylan Rhodes (Mark Ruffalo).
In the first part we have seen the existence of Horsemen, whereas, in the 2nd part we will see their efforts to retain their positions and the biggest heist of their life for Thaddeus Bradley (Daniel Redcliffe).
In this heist, we will see our 4 fabulous and amazing magician to do heist under the pressure of death. As per some critics, the biggest suspense of this movie might be that Thaddeus will be the friend of 4 Horseman and only pretending to be bad for them, like Dylan Rhodes in the first part.
If Now You See Me 3 will be the end of this series, then we will see the fall of 4 Horsemen or the biggest heist of their life after that they do not need to do more hiest.
Performance of Now You See Me 1
Now You See Me 1 has grossed around $351.7 million, with the budget of $75 million. This movie had also collected good reviews from critics and won one People’s Choice Awards. This success, abet producers and distributor to create next parts of this movie. This is why, Lionsgate Films has announced two more parts of this movie.
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