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Vikings Season 5 Release Date- 2017

Vikings Season 5 is happening On, 21 April 2016, the 10th episode of Vikings Season 4 has been released on History, channel. This episode was taken as the finale of Season 4, but it is not true. After a very good reviews from critics, History has ordered second half of Vikings Season 4 with 10 new episodes. This is not the only good news, because with this sweet news History channel has also announced Vikings Season 5 for 2017. This news is confirmed by History by posting a twit on twitter account of Vikings. It posted that, “The gods have spoken. The #Vikings will raid for a 5th season!” This character has already appeared in previous seasons of this TV series. But at that time this character is a child. Now, when Vikings has showed time jump, this character has grown up, along with her 3 brothers. The Trailer of this half of Vikings Season 4 has also released on YouTube. In this trailer, you can see the darkness of this TV series, with returns of Ragnar Lothbrok. This season is goin…

Shane Black reveals lead character in The Predator

Shane Black – writer, director, occasional purveyor of filthy jokes – took to the stage of a London cinema last night for an Empire Podcast-organised Q&A. as part of his press tour for The Nice Guys. During a very funny and fascinating hour-long chat alongside longtime producer Joel Silver, the filmmaker dropped new hints about his next project: the latest in the Predator franchise, simply entitled The Predator, which he has described as an “inventive sequel”. When first asked about the film, Black was jokingly reticent (“At this point we’re thinking we’ll project on a screen... it’ll be in colour...”) but went on to explain his approach. “It’s an attempt to ‘event-ise’ the Predator again,” Black said. “[An attempt to] make it more mysterious. The Predator has been so overdone. Every couple of years, there's a knock-off churned out. Very low budget with a guaranteed return.” Black continued by saying he hoped to achieve “the same sense of wonderment and newness that Close Enc…

300 Part 3 Release Date 2018

The movie “300,” which was released in 2006, is one of the best epic movies of Hollywood. There are very few epic movies, whose sequels are going to be released in future and 300 is also one of them. The 2nd part of this movie franchise, 300: Rise of an Empire, was released in 2014 and collected huge profit at box-office. It didn’t collect more than the 1st part, but managed to collect large amount at box-office The reason for low collection of this movie might be because the main protagonist, remained alive in the end, while in the 1st part, the main protagonist died, or audience didn’t accept the death of Leonidas (Gerard Butler), King of Sparta, and wanted to see him again in the 2nd part. The 1st part of this movie was based on the comic series, 300, which is written by Frank Miller and Lynn Varley, whereas, the 2nd part of this franchise was based on another unreleased novel of Frank Miller, Xerxes. After 2 parts of this movie franchise, audience is waiting for the next installm…

Now You See Me 3 Release Date- 2017

Now You See Me 3 is under development and very soon, its official release date will be revealed by Lionsgate Films I bet you that none of you have forgotten 4 Horsemen of Now You See Me movie. On 3rd June 2013, Jon Feltheimer, CEO of Lionsgate, has revealed a great news related to the Now You See Me movie that Lionsgate is going to convert this movie into a trilogy and announced that Now You See Me 2 and Now You See Me 3 will be released very soon. There is another news from the side of Lionsgate that Now You See Me 3 is under development. So, after the release of Now You See Me: The Second Act, we do not have to wait more for the 3rd part. After this news, craze and curiosity for the next parts of Now You See Me among audience has increased 10 times more. Now You See Me is an action, crime, thriller, comedy and magical movie and so, the next parts will. I liked the first part of this movie, very much, because it has amazing and thrilling magical events. This is the first time, when I…

Deadpool is now officially the most successful R-rated movie of all time

The vibe was always strong, but few would have predicted the heights that the scurrilous Deadpool has now scaled. Eight weeks on from its release, Ryan Reynolds' anti-superhero is now officially the most successful R-rated movie of all time at the worldwide box office, with a still-climbing haul currently just shy of $750m. Not bad for a budget of just under $60m. This finally eclipses The Matrix Reloaded's previous record of $742m, which has stood since 2003. There is, however, a slightly different story if you work on Deadpool's US grosses alone. $350m of its takings come from the States, where it still has to catch Clint Eastwood's American Sniper and Mel Gibson's The Passion Of The Christ to achieve the biggest R-rated success domestically. It needs another $21m before it can claim to be bigger than Jesus at home. Deadpool 2 has, of course, already been promised by Deadpool himself in the Ferris Bueller-riffing post-credits scene. Less jokey, more official stud…

independence Day 3 will be 'an intergalactic journey' says Roland Emmerich

He’s on the verge of unleashing his latest blockbuster, Independence Day: Resurgence, and Roland Emmerich is turning his thoughts to apocalypses new. If Resurgence's box-office takings warrant it, a third Independence Day instalment will likely follow. A storyline is already percolating in the writer/director’s mind and will have more than a touch of the Interstellars about it. "The next one will be an intergalactic journey,” Emmerich tells Empire. "It'll be [set] maybe a year or two later, not 20 years [on]. I want to maintain this group of people, especially the young characters, and Jeff [Goldblum] and Brent [Spiner] will take part in it. It'll be fun to keep that group together.” Would this famously sequel-shy filmmaker hand the reins to another director? Not likely. "Will I definitely direct it? Oh yes. I'd never, ever let someone else do it." Caution Independence Day: Resurgence spoilers follow. One of Resurgence’s plot threads sees a benevole…

Into The Badlands Season 2 Trailer, Images And Premiere Date

Civilization has fallen and humanity is struggling to survive, doing so by ass kicking and sword wielding, and we wouldn't have it any other way. AMC, home of that other apocalyptic series The Walking Dead, is bringing back the futuristic martial arts drama Into The Badlands on 19 March. The network sums up the premise best: "Centuries from now, a feudal society has emrged in the wake of civilization's destruction. This area is now called the Badlands and is uneasily divided among seven barons. Each baron enforces their iron rule with the aid of loyal armies of trained assassins known as Clippers." That's where things started, but one of those Clippers, Sunny (played by Daniel Wu, recently announced as part of the Tomb Raider reboot), decided to go rogue and has stirred up all sorts of things — though, based on the trailer, it hasn't necessarily gone the way he imagined. At the end of season one, Sunny was captured by the River King (Lance E. Nichols) and so…

Stranger Things: M. Night Shyamalan Wants To Direct In Season 2

Well here's a plot twist we weren't expecting — though maybe we should have been: M. Night Shyamalan — whose new film, Split, is getting some of his best reviews since The Sixth Sense — has expressed an interest in directing episodes of Stranger Things' second season. The reason we shouldn't be surprised is that the Duffer Brothers, creators and guiding force of the Netflix series, used to work for Shyamalan on the television series Wayward Pines, which represented their first TV work. While promoting Split, Shyamalan commented, "My boys who do Stranger Things, they did Wayward Pines for me. They were round my house and I was, like, 'Well, you can hire me back, guys.'" No word on what the Duffers have to say in response. The series is expected to return later this year and will reportedly consist of nine episodes, compared to season one's eight. Elsewhere on the Stranger Things news front, Millie Bobby Brown, who plays Eleven, has been nominated …

The 50 Worst Movies Ever

We asked, and you voted in your thousands. And now, for your delectation, we have the results of the worst movies ever made poll. From the disappointing to the bad to the downright offensive, here is a pile of sick filth that should be banned if the BBFC ever start assessing narrative coherence and filmmaking skill. Ladies and gentlemen, your worst movies ever... 50. Spider-Man 3Who's responsible? Director/writer Sam Raimi, co-writing brother Ivan and screenwriter Alvin Sargent, an unholy alliance of studio suits and Venom fans, including producer Avi Arad. Why it's on the list The one where Spidey went dark, we got three villains for the price of one as a lump of unexplained space goo drives Peter Parker to the eyeliner drawer. Three villains might've been a good thing had they not trampled all over each other's screentime and narrative coherence. Audiences lapped it up - it remains Sony Picture's biggest grossing movie - but with Sam Raimi at the helm and a smal…

XXX: The Return of Xander Cage (released on 20th january 2017)

The third explosive chapter of the blockbuster franchise that redefined the spy thriller finds extreme athlete turned government operative Xander Cage (Vin Diesel) coming out of self
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Fast & Furious 8 trailer review: a reassuring, obscene platter of murder

Death! Statham! Market stall hair! The Fate of the Furious is an explosive return to the Fast franchise’s hoariest old tropes trailer>>>>>>
The Fast & Furious series will soon be eight films long, which means that nothing it can offer will be remotely surprising any more. Over the course of the last seven films, a formula has been devised and rigidly stuck to and – even though I’m writing this before I’ve pressed play on the new Fast 8 trailer – I already know what to expect. There will be much talk of “family”, all of it delivered in an indecipherable sub-bass rumble. There will be good guys who turn bad, and bad guys who turn good. There will be sequences where Ludacris says “Oh shit” into a walkie talkie. And, naturally, there will be an obscene platter of endless joshing murder. So, can the Fast 8 trailer actually surprise me? Let’s break this thing down. Fast 8 trailer actually surprise me? Let’s break this thing down.
The word family is mentioned…

Transformers: The Last Knight (2017)

Release date:June 23, 2017
Studio:Paramount Pictures
Director:Michael Bay MPAA Rating:N/A Screenwriters:Art Marcum, Matt Holloway, Ken Nolan Starring:Mark Wahlberg, Jerrod Carmichael, Isabela Moner, Josh Duhamel, Anthony Hopkins, Laura Haddock, Tyrese Gibson, Santiago Cabrera, Liam Garrigan, Stanley Tucci Genre: Official website:| | | Plot Summary:"Transformers: The Last Knight" is moving ahead with Michael Bay directing and Mark Wahlberg watch trailer