It has been 2.5 years since I last did an episode for Public Speaking Power. Now I am back and here are my plans for the future.

Hi and welcome back to Public Speaking Power. It has been a long two and a half years since I’ve created a serious episode for but I’m back and I’m back with a vengeance. I’m excited to have you here as my audience. I’m excited to be here to present to you guys and to teach you as much as I can about public speaking.

I have a lot of unique experiences and a lot of unique thoughts on public speaking. I go against the grain in terms of what some experts say, the way a lot of people approached teaching public speaking. That makes it really exciting for me to be able to share these ideas with you guys, to be able to connect with all of you and hopefully help you on your journey to become a public speaker.

When I created Public Speaking Power all those years ago my life was very very different. I was working a full-time job as a pharmaceutical rep. Originally, I was doing sales over the phone and then I ended up doing sales in person, doing presentations to pharmacy staff and things like that.

I was doing some public speaking but I wasn’t doing a great deal. It was more one-on-one sort of sales staff I would do presentations to and things like that. I was young. I still am young, I’m only twenty-eight but I was passionate about public speaking. However, I didn’t really have my thoughts formed about how I thought public speaking should be taught or have ideas about how is the best way to go about public speaking, etc. Fast forward two and a half years to where we are today.

Two and a half years ago I quit my six-figure full-time job to work for myself online to run websites which is what I do originally. That started out as blog post but that soon progressed into podcast and into videos. Now I spend basically all my days creating videos, creating content, speaking to people about a whole different range of subjects – everything from property investing in Australia to my favourite game which is Super Smash Brothers Melee to public speaking to a whole bunch of different smaller websites that I have. T

herefore I spent a lot of time creating episodes and presenting content. In order to do that, I decided to cut down on the editing time and the things that I do. So most of the content I create if not all of it, I created in one go and I create a lot of it off the cuffs. I might write a basic outline but I don’t even have an outline for this episode but I may write a basic outline and follow that. But I would not write out a speech. I give a lot of presentations where I’m talking off the cuffs or I just have a rough guideline that I’m going to use.

Over those two and a half years I created hundreds of videos and my public speaking has improved. I feel like I’m at the point now where I’ve got something that I can add to the public speaking community. That I’ve got something that I can add to your content base, inspire you guys and help you think more differently about public speaking or become more passionate about it as well. This episode is really just kind of a very casual podcast episode where I’m telling you guys about me coming back to Public Speaking Power and talking about what I’m going to do.

The plans that I have for public speaking at the moment aren’t going to be creating video and audio content. I will get those transcribed which will go on the blog but the focus is definitely around the presentations. If you like public speaking, chances are you are going to want to watch public speaking. More and more of us are watching videos these days anyway so that makes a lot of sense to do that. Plus, that’s how I create content. I will be creating a lot of videos. The content will be mostly just me talking. There will be some interviews in there but these are mainly as people approach me to be interviewed and to get access to the audience.

Public Speaking Power gets so many people coming to it. We’re talking about thousands of people every single day. So you guys deserve some fresh content. You guys deserve some good content. There’ll be some interviews, there’ll be some stuff that I create just from my own knowledge and what I think people know about. I will be taking questions as well and specifically answering people’s questions or creating episodes around people’s questions.

For example, someone said one of the issues they have is that they have a really shaky voice. People need to learn how to talk slow when giving a speech. Someone wants to know how to deliver content more effectively. Someone wants help with PowerPoint presentations. Someone else wants help with persuasive speaking.

The questions that are coming from the community are so powerful in guiding me in terms of the content that I create for you guys. If you are listening to this and if you have ideas of episodes you would like integrated or questions that you have, please get in contact with me. Just go over to the website at and hit the contact bar and get in contact with me to let me know. I will be creating content for questions. I’ll be creating content from things that I know people should know about; that I know people is searching for, etc.

There is a lot of great stuff coming down the pipeline. I don’t have a set schedule at the moment of how much speaking I’ll be doing and of how often I’ll be releasing these episodes. However, I’m hoping that it will build up over time and eventually we’ll have something every single week for Public Speaking Power. We will see how it goes. It’s a little side project for me but it is not the main focus of my online business as it doesn’t generate the bulk of my income or anything like that.

It is never going to be the pure focus of my business. We are not going to see daily episodes or anything like that but it is a little side owner for me and it is something that I want to expand. There are so many people coming that I want to help you guys out. I am not a perfect public speaker.

I just want to say that I do not dress up for the occasion. As a result, a lot of times especially in my older videos my framing was really poor. If you are watching the video you will see that I am super close to the camera. You basically only see my head and I often have scruffy hair. At the moment I just had a haircut and so it’s nice and short on the sides but often it would scruffy. I wear casual clothing. I do not dress up as that is not who I am. I’m 28 years old and I am a vegetarian, almost vegan. I got three kids and I home schooled one of my kids. I am a very cosy kind of guy. I play a video game competitively.

I’m quite a random person and not someone who dresses up in a suit and a tie and that’s not someone that I’m going to be to you. Therefore, if you’re looking for someone that is going to dress up and give you formal presentations and things like that, I’m not your man. However, if you want someone who is passionate about public speaking, someone who knows a lot about how to present, someone who presents a lot online, who gives a lot of videos, who has experience presenting in person, if you want to learn from someone that believes in public speaking as a communication forum then you should stay tune because this is for you.

However, if you want hoity-toity, if you want me to wear a tie, unfortunately that’s not going to happen. You can try but it’s not going to happen. I do wear ties to weddings so if I have to give a presentation at a wedding you will see me in a tie. Otherwise, I will rarely wear a tie and I don’t think that’s going to change anytime soon.

I’ll be talking about how to communicate effectively which is what I believe public speaking is. I’m not too focused on your appearance and things like that. I’m more focused on you being yourself which is how I believe people need to get their message across by being themselves. That’s the most effective way to do it and I will be talking about that in upcoming episodes.

I want to take this time to welcome you back to Public Speaking Power. I’m excited to be here again. We got a new website designed over which you can go ahead and check out. There is a free crash course there if you’re interested in learning more about public speaking. Otherwise, just hit subscribe either on YouTube or iTunes.

I look forward to sharing more information with you in upcoming episodes. In these episodes, I’m going to be talking about, “How to speak less ordinary.” That is going to be my tagline for the foreseeable future. How to speak less ordinary – that’s what I want to get across to you guys. I don’t want you to be boring, ordinary public speakers. I want you to be lively engaging that people really feel like they are with you. That’s it from me. So until next time, be less ordinary
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