In season 2 and 3 of HBO’s Entourage, fictional movie star Vincent Chase signs to star in an Aquaman movie to be directed by (real life) director James Cameron. The story arc stretched across so many episodes that it became one of the most lasting ideas to survive the series, even years later. Cameron has been in the news lately for his plans for the Avatar franchise, but he’s most decidedly not directing the Aquaman movie — that honor currently belongs to James Wan (Furious 7, Insidious). Nevertheless, this week’s news continues the tenuous connection between Aquaman and James Cameron, in that Wan’s film has announced a release for the December 21, 2018 release date that was just vacated last week by Cameron’s Avatar 2. As things currently stand, Aquaman is the only WB/DC Comics movie confirmed for release in 2018, but we also heard this week that WB/DC is trying to choose a film that could join Aquaman in 2018. The five projects vying for the slot are The Flash, Gotham City Sirens (the Harley Quinn spinoff), Green Lantern Corps, Justice League Dark (AKA Dark Universe), and the Suicide Squad sequel. All five are at varying degrees of development, but what we still don’t know is which of them is close enough to actually make a 2018 release date. The biggest surprise, though, might be the inclusion of Green Lantern Corps, which had previously been mentioned as a likely 2020 release (and it might still be). Another one of the 2018 possibilities also made the news this week, as Legend of Tarzan screenwriter Adam Cozad signed on to work on the Suicide Squad sequel.
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