Dumb things in X-Men: Apocalypse everyone just ignored

With Days of Future Past, director Bryan Singer created one of the best X-Men films ever made. With its 1980s-set sequel Apocalypse? Not so much.

Apocalypse pretty much choked on its own ambition, making for a bloated story with far too many characters and even more weird plot holes. Look, we love the X-Men as much as anyone, but this one had its faults.
So, how did Nightcrawler even get captured?

X-Men movies love a good cage fight scene, and in this one, Singer uses the mutant fight club to introduce us to Angel and Nightcrawler. Nightcrawler is dumped into the ring as an unwilling contestant, and somehow can't teleport out of the ring because … it's electrified? Which makes no sense, because that would mean Nightcrawler can't, like, teleport through a wall with wiring in it. Or a light switch.

That is absurd. Nightcrawler can teleport to pretty much anywhere he can see or has visited before. Hell, why not just teleport into the rafters, then outside the ring?

That doesn't even address the question of how these guys managed to capture Nightcrawler and keep him prisoner. He's a teleporter, and pretty darn nimble, to boot. Not the easiest guy for some street level fight club thugs to grab and lock up.

How does no one recognize Magneto?

After the events of Days of Future Past, Magneto goes on the run and is the most wanted fugitive on the planet (as we are told very through some clunky exposition while young Scott Summers sits in his history class). Even accounting for it being the 1970s and 1980s, there is still television and radio pretty much everywhere. So, how the heck does Magneto manage to spend a decade living incognito working a blue collar job?

Yes, semi-recognizable people can sometimes manage to just blend in, but c'mon — he's literally the most wanted man on the planet, to the point that they teach about him and flash his picture around in public schools. Even overseas, it's silly to think he could hide in plain sight for a decade.

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