The Secret Power Diana Woman

When it comes to superpowers, Wonder Woman has got all the basics: super strength, invulnerability, speed, and flight (most of the time). Her training as a warrior makes it so that she's never really needed anything fancier to get the job done, but the movie version of Diana is getting a little something extra to help her in her mission of peace. Wonder Woman will introduce an all-new power to the character's already impressive repertoire, tying into her re-vamped backstory that draws heavy inspiration from Greek mythology.

In a set visit to Wonder Woman, ComicBook learned a slew of new information about the anticipated film, much of which shed some light on the backstory of the DCEU's version of the character. Fittingly, it's steeped in Greek mythology as moviegoers will learn that the goddess Aphrodite -- at the behest of Zeus -- created the Amazons to combat Ares, the god of war, and to spread a message of peace and love. A young Diana is told by her mother Hippolyta that Zeus left behind a godkiller, a last ditch weapon that could defeat Ares. While Diana believes that weapon to be a sword (which she wields in numerous trailers), that turns out to not be the case.

She is the weapon that can kill Ares, not the sword. She doesn't know her destiny, but there's a growing warrior spirit inside of her.

Diana's origin is taking some cues from DC Comics New 52, where Diana is a demi-god and illegitimate daughter of Zeus and Hippolyta. As such, she contains a tremendous amount of power that even she isn't fully aware of at the time of the movie. However, viewers have already caught a glimpse of this power.

In Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, after Wonder Woman makes her badass entrance into the fight with Doomsday, she releases a powerful blast of energy that knocks Doomsday back. It seemed like this power emanated from her enchanted bangles, but the power, in fact, comes from herself. This power can also be glimpsed in the most recent Wonder Woman trailer, which I've provided below.
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